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Corporate Teamwork & Leadership Training

OLT specialise in corporate talent, team, leadership and organisational training programmes. We believe in learning by doing so we employ an experiential model interwoven with ILM leadership theory. The aim of our courses is to develop team, management and leadership skills at all levels, from apprentices and graduates to senior management, whilst supporting personal and business growth.


What could leadership training do for your business?


Developing your current leaders, training future managers and setting your apprentices on the right path is essential for ensuring long term business growth. Strong businesses need strong leaders and strong leaders need strong teams. We believe that experiential leadership training, rather than classroom based, is the key to producing tangible results – improving performance and productivity.

We have helped businesses build stronger teams, supported leaders at the highest level where there has been rapid growth and trained incoming apprentices to ensure they are on board with your company culture and vision.


  • Our clients include:

    Our clients include:

    • British Airways
    • Leonardo Helicopters (formerly AgustaWestland)
    • Network Rail
    • Babcock International
    • APB Food Group
    • Blom UK
    • CVQO
    • Mazars
    • pwc
    • RWE Power
    • SafeStyle UK
    • Somerset Chamber of Commerce


  • Feedback from Babcock International 2018

    Feedback from Babcock International 2018

    "The standard of training produced by Outposts was exemplary. Their staff worked with Babcock staff to hone the programme to an extremely high quality. Nothing was too much trouble for Outposts; they went out of their way to make a programme that suited our exacting values"


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  • Feedback from Leonardo Helicopters 2018

    Feedback from Leonardo Helicopters 2018

    "The week we spent at OLT was very positive. It was great fun, whilst challenging people and putting them in an environment where they develop and build relationships. All staff members are professional, well-experienced leaders who give great guidance and are very trustworthy. The campsite, kitchen and facilities are to a great standard (more than expected for an outdoor activity site) which make it a great environment for the team I was with. Thank you to everyone involved, I have only heard positive comments about it." 


  • Feedback - team-build Claims Consortium 2018

    Feedback - team-build Claims Consortium 2018

    "The day with Outposts was excellent, well organised and very well executed. Everyone loved it and it delivered some deep long lasting insights into team work and team building."


  • Feedback from Network Rail

    Feedback from Network Rail

    “We chose to work with Outposts as they could offer complete flexibility and construct a programme to exactly fit with our own very specific requirements. We want our apprentices to learn in a practical situation, with opportunities for first-hand experiences in real life scenarios. We can clearly see the difference completing the programme makes to the apprentices taking part. They return more confident in their own abilities, better organised and motivated. They are able to deliver a coherent briefing, stay on task by working effectively as a team and identify ways in which processes can be improved to increase efficiency and safety. Working with Outposts offers our apprentices a fantastic opportunity to improve their skills and achieve a qualification, at the same time maintaining the level of quality and consistency of training Network Rail requires as a business to remain successful."


  • Feedback from Leonardo Helicopters

    Feedback from Leonardo Helicopters

    "From our perspective, at Leonardo Helicopters, we can clearly see the development in each apprentice after they have been to Outposts. This could be that they talk more, understand the importance of getting something right first time, are able to break problems down into smaller components as part of solving the problem, have started to recognise their personal strengths or are able to articulate their point of view with more confidence. We always get positive feedback from their visits to Outposts. Key to the success of the Leonardo Helicopters’ apprenticeship programme has been the ability of the Outposts team in understanding the business objectives and creating practical outdoors action based learning, focused on the skills we want the apprentices to develop. We hope to be working with the Outposts team long into the future.”



  • Feedback from Somerset Chamber of Commerce

    Feedback from Somerset Chamber of Commerce

    "Delightful place, very attentive staff. I felt really enthused at the end of the day. Enjoyed the variety of activities- something for everyone."

    "This was a thoroughly enjoyable day, set in wonderful surroundings. James the instructor handled the whole day superbly and I would recommend the course to anyone looking to embark on a similar experience."


  • Feedback from England Athletics

    Feedback from England Athletics

    "Thanks to OLT for organising the team building for our staff. All the activities were planned well for our group. Everyone enjoyed the day. Instructors and staff were helpful and knowledgeable. I'd definitely recommend you to other companies wanting to get their staff together."


  • Feedback from RWE

    Feedback from RWE

    "The OLT team were all very friendly, professional and very much customer-focused. The day was well managed and kept moving. It achieved exactly what I wanted it to and we all had a lot of fun too. Thank you."


  • Feedback from Rise Technical Recruitment

    Feedback from Rise Technical Recruitment

    "I run my own training company and used OLT for a leadership weekend to support a Leadership Development Programme I was providing for a   client. It was the first time I had used them and they truly exceeded my  expectations. Great exercises and really outstanding facilitators, their quality made it a great learning environment." 


  • Feedback from CVQO - Leadership ILM qualification

    Feedback from CVQO - Leadership ILM qualification

    "Once again working with OLT as our delivery partner has meant a highly successful ILM L3 Leadership course and a very satisfied group of cadets.  From planning to execution the process is highly professional and I am confident the cadets' expectations wree not just met, but exceeded."